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About us

Greencof is headquartered in the historic center of Hoorn, forty kilometers away from Amsterdam. During the Dutch 'Golden Age', countless ships departed from Hoorn to our former colonies in the East, among other things to obtain coffee. As a result, Hoorn grew into one of the most important centers for global coffee trade in the eighteenth century.

We are always aware of where and at what time our products are located in the world. This allows us to keep our customers as well-informed as possible about the latest developments. 

 For us, coffee is more than a commodity. We are connoisseurs and enthusiasts of a beverage known in the Netherlands as the 'Black Gold'. We are happy to share this knowledge with our customers. We make sure that we know everything about the quality and taste of our varieties. This ensures that our clients are always assured of the right product. 

Leon Zaal


Greencof was founded by Leon Zaal in 2007. At the time, he recognized an increasing demand for sustainable produced coffees and decided to specialize in this area with Greencof. "Coffee is a beautiful product, but every sip tastes better when you know it has been produced in a responsible manner.